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Real Madrid sells C Ronaldo
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 Cristiano Ronaldo and Real Madrid are likely to part ways next week, and so far, the two sides have been working together for 9 years, which is the most prolific 9 years in Real Madrid club history. No one has a crystal ball to predict the future, let alone in the ever-changing sports world. Here, full of various interests, it is common to go back and forth. In the football world, memory is not very long-lasting.

Spain's "Marca" pointed out that the possibility that Ronaldo continues to play for Real Madrid is very small. For Real Madrid, which has just won the Champions League trophy, this is tantamount to an earthquake. Ronaldo may open a new horizon, but no one knows if his future will be as great as it is now. If Cristiano Ronaldo eventually joined Juventus, then everyone except the old air jordan 4 retro kaws woman lost. For Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo, this is the end of a lose.
Cristiano Ronaldo’s departure is not possible. Now the two sides are mainly about how to bid farewell to the dispute, and everyone is looking for an excuse. Real Madrid wants C Ronaldo to say that he wants to go, this is not necessarily true, but if Real Madrid does not perform well next season, then the situation is more acceptable.
C Ronaldo’s contract damages are subject to change according to his attitude. If he says he wants to go, it is 100 million euros. If it is not, it is 1 billion euros. Ronaldo does not accept extortion, but air jordan 5 oreo he still feels pressure because he has already promised Juventus, and Juventus can only make a maximum of 100 million euros. If you make some concessions (this is what C Ronaldo wants), the transfer notice will be released soon.
Cristiano Ronaldo is going to go entirely because of Florentino, because his dream is to retire at Real Madrid. Ronaldo will leave, he left 451 goals, which is the highest in the history of the club, and there are 16 trophies, including four Champions League trophies. Obviously, Florentino's biggest sin is that he is the most important person in the club. In fact, the real hero is the player on the lawn.
It is imperative that the two sides break up. Ronaldo is not happy, he wants to leave, although he air jordan 14 retro ferrari does not know whether his future career can be as brilliant as it is now. His decision has nothing to do with money, Real Madrid is willing to give him the money given by Juventus, but Florentino is dissatisfied with Ronaldo's comments after the Champions League final, he does not want to please C Ronaldo.
Florentino has been tired of pleasing C Ronaldo because his new choice is Neymar. Cristiano Ronaldo feels that he is a king, and he cannot accept treatment that is not considered a king. It is now the moment of cracks before the earthquake, and this time the earthquake will push Real Madrid into a new era of confusion. This is the result of a double lose. (Celgio)
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