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Poisoned milk from Kobe! After Cronema, it’s my turn to panic.
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 The 2017-18 season NBA has all ended, but the four-year football World Cup is entering its climax. NBA famous Kobe Bryant is also a football fan. He recently posted on Weibo to support the French team. I hope this is no longer a poisonous milk.
Kobe lived in Italy when he was a child. Although nike air max 97 damen sale basketball is his long-term, football is his favorite sport. A few days ago, Kobe posted a picture on Weibo. The hero of the photo is the French men's football coach Deshang. The text inside is also the famous saying of Deschamps: "Our team will be united in the city, and we will do our best on the court because we are all Desire for victory. - Didier Deschamps."
Kobe's Weibo wrote the original text of Deschamps: "We will do everything we can, collectively and individually. The desire is there." - Deschamps Didier, coach of France national football team"
Unfortunately, Kobe’s nickname is “Black Mamba”, Black Mamba, a member of the Cobra family, and the longest and most terrifying snake in Africa. Is such a poisonous nickname, can Kobe not be poisoned?
Kobe also sent two microblogs before, once for Portugal. On June 25, he wrote a Cristiano Ronaldo saying: "I am not a perfectionist, but I want to do everything well. The important thing is that I am eager to learn more, make adidas ultra boost sale more progress, and improve faster. - Ronaldo."
The results of it? Portugal was eliminated by Uruguay in the 16-8 game.
Subsequently, on July 2, Kobe again supported the Brazilian core Neymar. He tweeted Neymar's famous quote: "I am never afraid, I always move forward, create enough space to attack the goal. - Neymar."
The results of it? Brazil lost 1-2 to Belgium in the quarter-finals.
Now, it’s my turn to tremble in France.
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