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270 million! Paris mad Coutinho Barcelona response: never sell
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The Brazilian team missed the World Cup 4 and the star Coutinho has entered the holiday. However, his trading rumors have not stopped. The headline of the "World Sports News" wrote: Paris Saint-Germain 270 million euros offer Coutinho!


Coutinho officially moved from Liverpool to adidas ultra boost sale Barcelona on January 7 this year. Coutinho signed a five-and-a-half-year contract with Barcelona and the cancellation fee reached 400 million euros. According to reports, Coutinho’s transfer fee reached 160 million euros. At the time, Paris Saint-Germain also expressed interest in Coutinho, but ultimately failed to take shape.


"World Sports News" pointed out that the Paris Club did not quote directly to the Barcelona club, but submitted the offer to Coutinho's agent. Neymar and Coutinho are good friends, Paris Saint-Germain hopes to retain Neymar and then introduce Coutinho, the two will join hands to play a greater power in Paris.


However, according to the "World Sports News" news, Barcelona nike air max 97 damen sale will not sell Coutinho, the newly joined Brazilian star has been regarded as not for sale. And if Paris insists on taking Coutinho, it will need to pay out a debt of 400 million euros, which will also be a sky-high price.


Coutinho played well after joining Barcelona. He played 22 times for Barcelona, ​​scored 10 goals and sent 6 assists. In this World Cup, Coutinho contributed two goals and sent two assists. He also became one of the best players in Brazil.


Barcelona has lost the core Iniesta and Paulinho in the midfield position, Coutinho will firmly occupy a main position next season.



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