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Before the World Cup of Violent Birds decided to return to the Super League, Evergrande’s two major
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 Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao Football Club officially announced that it officially signed with Brazil's active international and Barcelona Barcelona midfielder Paulinho, who borrowed to join Evergrande for one year. Recently, Paulinho Air VaporMax Pas Cher will fly back to Guangzhou to report, and together with Evergrande to compete in the Super League, helping Evergrande to fully win this year's Super League "eight consecutive championships."

Paulinho has just finished the World Cup with Brazil. In the five games of Brazil in the World Cup in Russia, Paulinho secured the main force and started the game. He played 353 minutes and scored a goal. However, with Brazil stopping the World Cup quarter-finals, Paulinho's World Cup tour is over.
Last summer, Paulinho moved from Guangzhou Evergrande to Barcelona with a transfer fee of 40 million euros, and quickly occupied the main position. He played 49 games for Barcelona and scored 2 assists for 9 goals. However, since Coutinho joined Barcelona from Liverpool last winter, Paulinho has gradually lost its main position. Joining Evergrande again today is a good choice for the 30-year-old Paulinho. Paulinho has performed well at Evergrande in the past. He is also very familiar with Evergrande. Reintegration into the team is not a problem.
It is reported that Paulinho's return is inseparable from air max 95 sale the positive attitudes of the coaches Cannavaro, Paulinho himself and Evergrande Club. Cannavaro took over the team and said that the team needs a strong midfielder, which can not only build a defensive barrier for the team in the midfield, but also participate in the team's frontcourt to attack and control the team. Attack and defense rhythm. After the league entered the offseason, Cannavaro once again proposed the introduction of a strong midfielder similar to Paulinho.
Evergrande Club immediately started the signing work according to the needs of the head coach. According to a person familiar with the matter, Paulinho learned before the World Cup that Evergrande Club was looking for a midfielder. He asked the agent to contact him and tell the relevant person of Evergrande Club. If necessary, he could be heavy after the World Cup. Return to Guangzhou. Paulinho said that the level of the Super League has improved year by year and the development prospects are very good. This time, he chose to return to the Super League this time, hoping to bring more championships to Evergrande and Guangzhou fans, and hope to bring more exciting to the Super League.
Previously, Evergrande had introduced the Brazilian player Taliska from the fila disruptor 2 Tudor Kusta. As a result, Evergrande's foreign aid has reached 7 people. Goodley will definitely be abandoned, and Jin Yingquan is basically sure to leave.
(Reporter Lin Benjian reports)
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