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NANJING [url=http://www.teamavalancheshop.com/]Colorado Avalanche Jersey[/url] , China, Aug. 24 (Xinhua) -- Hundreds of spectators watched 16-year-old archer Karoline Tatafu take aim in the mixed international team event at the Nanjing Youth Olympic Games (YOG) on Sunday, but perhaps the most anxious onlooker was her mother Tukia Tatafu, who is also the secretary general of Tonga's Archery Federation.

Karoline is one of only a handful of archers from the small rugby-loving nation. The current coach [url=http://www.teamavalancheshop.com/matt-nieto-avalanche-jersey-c-48/]Matt Nieto Avalanche Jersey[/url] , Sifa Taumoepeau, went to the Olympic Games in 2004 and had been competing in archery for Tonga by himself for the last 10 years.

""In the last two years, some young kids have started to show interest, and Karoline and one other boy who is also 16 are the highest ranked [url=http://www.teamavalancheshop.com/nail-yakupov-avalanche-jersey-c-46/]Nail Yakupov Avalanche Jersey[/url] ,"" said Tukia.

The World Archery Federation helped Karoline to provide her with the necessary equipment to train for the YOG.

""She took archery seriously about two and a half years ago and she's come a long way, we did not expect to be at this level, but we are very happy. The future for us after this is to then go forward and try for the Olympics and to continue training,"" Tukia said.

While Tukia works with Karoline to realize her Olympic dream [url=http://www.teamavalancheshop.com/jt-compher-avalanche-jersey-c-40/]J.T. Compher Avalanche Jersey[/url] , her husband Samuela Tatafu is back home in Tonga looking after their four young children.

""It's been hard for me and we have five children, so I'm leaving four kids behind with my husband by himself. He's got a full-time job as well and he has to look after four children,"" she said.

Karoline said that she cherishes the fact that her mother is able to watch her from the sidelines here in Nanjing.

""We have some good days and some bad days,"" Karoline said. ""She worries too much about everything. But at the end of the day she's my number one biggest supporter.""

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